Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As most people know I'm an officer in the FFA. Being an officer I'm required to take on a lot of responsibilities and there are times when I must delegate. Last semester I was in charge of organizing the FFA's annual Hootnanny. A Hootnanny is basically a bonfire with lots of food and games. Our committee had decided to have a pig roast, so the first thing to do to decide who would get the pig. Brandon another officer knew where to get a pig already cooked so we wouldn't have to worry about how to cook a full grown pig. Then came planning the activities. It
s hard to pick activites that everyone will agree one, but in the end it was line dancing and Wii. I assigned chelsea, Emily, and Amanda to get the music for the line dancing. i authorized each member to set up everything the day of the event. In the end the Hootnanny would have been a success if not for the down pour we had that day and the audio people forgetting to bring our equipment.
A time didn't use successfull delegation methods was when our FFA had our annual AG Fest. AG Fest is our FFA's first event of the year. It's a way to get members involved and recruit new members. Ag Fest includes organizing of individual and team games. I assigned some members to bring in games, but took on most of the responisibilites myself. AG Fest was still a successes but at the end of it I was a stressed out wreck because i didn't let others take on some of the duties.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Philosophy on Leardership

To be considered as a leader, a person must be able to take control. A good leader must possess many traits and skills. To be a good leader a person needs to obtain the trust and respect of his/her followers. It is vital that a leader have people skills, and appropriate personality. They need to be able to motivate others in a positive way. They need to be able to care about what they do and whose who look up to him/her. Leaders must maintain a certain image and act responsibly even outside of their job or organization. A bad image can ruin a leaders reputation. A leader must also be confident in his abilities and others. A leader should do as he preaches. They should act in an ethical manner. The performance of a leader can be measured by their productivity and followers moral. They should consider everyone's thoughts and beliefs equally.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My First Post

Hi, obviously my name is Autumn. I graduated from Delmar High School in 2007. I'm a landscape and ornamental horticulture major. I am currently the vice president of the Delaware Tech FFA.