Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As most people know I'm an officer in the FFA. Being an officer I'm required to take on a lot of responsibilities and there are times when I must delegate. Last semester I was in charge of organizing the FFA's annual Hootnanny. A Hootnanny is basically a bonfire with lots of food and games. Our committee had decided to have a pig roast, so the first thing to do to decide who would get the pig. Brandon another officer knew where to get a pig already cooked so we wouldn't have to worry about how to cook a full grown pig. Then came planning the activities. It
s hard to pick activites that everyone will agree one, but in the end it was line dancing and Wii. I assigned chelsea, Emily, and Amanda to get the music for the line dancing. i authorized each member to set up everything the day of the event. In the end the Hootnanny would have been a success if not for the down pour we had that day and the audio people forgetting to bring our equipment.
A time didn't use successfull delegation methods was when our FFA had our annual AG Fest. AG Fest is our FFA's first event of the year. It's a way to get members involved and recruit new members. Ag Fest includes organizing of individual and team games. I assigned some members to bring in games, but took on most of the responisibilites myself. AG Fest was still a successes but at the end of it I was a stressed out wreck because i didn't let others take on some of the duties.

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  1. Yeah - we all have to learn how to delegate and TRUST.