Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vision Statement

I am currently taking classes at Delaware Tech to get my associates in Landscape and Ornamental Horticulture. I'm completing all my class work in order to graduate in the Fall. After graduation I am going to get a job in the agricultural field. I will buy a house with the money I saved up for me and my boyfriend to live in. I will get engaged and then married to my boy friend. I will start a family with my new husband a few years after we get married.

Monday, March 29, 2010

What can I do to be motivated in my life?

The definition of motivation is something that causes a person to act in a certain way, or to do a certain thing. In my Agriculture Leadership we came up with a definition that we think better defines motivation. "To have passion to push towards goals and strive to work hard by accomplishing your beliefs." To become more motivated in my life i need to believe in what I'm doing. Set goals for myself that i am passionate about. To be motivated to have to want to accomplish your set goals

Monday, March 15, 2010

Problem Solving

Every year I go with my friends to the Bloomsburg truck jamboree. People come from all over the east coast to show off their trucks. It's basically a rednecks heaven. Last April i was appointed vice president of the Delaware Tech FFA. My first job as an officer was to park cars at Tuckahoe. Tuckahoe steam and gas show is a big event for farmers and tractor enthusiast. The only problem was Tuckahoe and the jamboree were the same weekend. I had to decide which i was going to go to. I loved going to the jamboree, but Tuckahoe was my first event since becoming an officer. I ended up going to Tuckahoe. I still had fun at Tuckahoe, I spent the weekend with all my friends. This year I'm definitely going to the jamboree.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Waller Road, Delmar, MD 21875. 410-896-3792.
Autumn Austin
To obtain a position in the agricultural field where I can utilize my passion for agriculture to revolutionize the agriculture industry.

O.J. Parker Farms
Delmar, MD
Assistant operator
§ Planting/Harvesting crops
§ Maintaining farm records
§ Equipment Maintenance
§ Pesticide/Fertilizer application

Bunting Greenhouse
Selbyville, MD
§ Cashier
§ Designed and constructed floral arrangements
§ Maintained greenhouses

Strange Brews
Delmar, DE
§ Prepared food
§ Cleaned facility
§ Stocked shelves

Delaware Technical & Community College
Georgetown, DE
Landscape and ornamental Horticulture
§ FFA vice president 2009-2010
§ Active FFA member 2007-2009
§ FFA state convention 2009
§ FFA national convention 2009

References are available on request.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Service Learning

In the spring i use to be an assistant coach for the girls little league softball. In Delmar little league is a big thing. After i was to old to play i decided to coach. My little sister started playing for my old team, so when i was offered the assistant coach position i was a little hesitant at first. No one wants their older sister bossing them around.
Our practices started in the beginning of March which were usually cold. Trying to get 9-12 year old girls motivated in 50 degree weather isn't the easiest job. A lot of pop music, sugar, and jogging were involved. At the beginning most of the younger girls are just starting out and have never played softball. My job was to help them with the basics: throwing, catching, and batting. Once the season starts is when the real work starts. Being a coach you must always have a pep talk ready at all times. Girls take things a lot harder than boys. If a boy strikes out he's fine, girls on the other hand tend to take things more emotionally. I'd tell them how good their doing an that everyone strikes out, its part of the game. By the end of the season we were like one big softball addicted family.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As most people know I'm an officer in the FFA. Being an officer I'm required to take on a lot of responsibilities and there are times when I must delegate. Last semester I was in charge of organizing the FFA's annual Hootnanny. A Hootnanny is basically a bonfire with lots of food and games. Our committee had decided to have a pig roast, so the first thing to do to decide who would get the pig. Brandon another officer knew where to get a pig already cooked so we wouldn't have to worry about how to cook a full grown pig. Then came planning the activities. It
s hard to pick activites that everyone will agree one, but in the end it was line dancing and Wii. I assigned chelsea, Emily, and Amanda to get the music for the line dancing. i authorized each member to set up everything the day of the event. In the end the Hootnanny would have been a success if not for the down pour we had that day and the audio people forgetting to bring our equipment.
A time didn't use successfull delegation methods was when our FFA had our annual AG Fest. AG Fest is our FFA's first event of the year. It's a way to get members involved and recruit new members. Ag Fest includes organizing of individual and team games. I assigned some members to bring in games, but took on most of the responisibilites myself. AG Fest was still a successes but at the end of it I was a stressed out wreck because i didn't let others take on some of the duties.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Philosophy on Leardership

To be considered as a leader, a person must be able to take control. A good leader must possess many traits and skills. To be a good leader a person needs to obtain the trust and respect of his/her followers. It is vital that a leader have people skills, and appropriate personality. They need to be able to motivate others in a positive way. They need to be able to care about what they do and whose who look up to him/her. Leaders must maintain a certain image and act responsibly even outside of their job or organization. A bad image can ruin a leaders reputation. A leader must also be confident in his abilities and others. A leader should do as he preaches. They should act in an ethical manner. The performance of a leader can be measured by their productivity and followers moral. They should consider everyone's thoughts and beliefs equally.