Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Service Learning

In the spring i use to be an assistant coach for the girls little league softball. In Delmar little league is a big thing. After i was to old to play i decided to coach. My little sister started playing for my old team, so when i was offered the assistant coach position i was a little hesitant at first. No one wants their older sister bossing them around.
Our practices started in the beginning of March which were usually cold. Trying to get 9-12 year old girls motivated in 50 degree weather isn't the easiest job. A lot of pop music, sugar, and jogging were involved. At the beginning most of the younger girls are just starting out and have never played softball. My job was to help them with the basics: throwing, catching, and batting. Once the season starts is when the real work starts. Being a coach you must always have a pep talk ready at all times. Girls take things a lot harder than boys. If a boy strikes out he's fine, girls on the other hand tend to take things more emotionally. I'd tell them how good their doing an that everyone strikes out, its part of the game. By the end of the season we were like one big softball addicted family.

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